Route-Tracker RTPro

RTPro is a fast growing Finnish family business. RTPro's Route-Tracker positioning system is used in over 3000 vehicles in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.


RTPro provides automatic positioning and logbook as well as free guidance and support.

Real-time tracking

Many of the available car trackers and programs are outdated. The positioning interval may be long and moving on the map may appear as jumps. In RTPro's system, the tracking interval is 5 seconds and the information on the map is up-to-date and accurate.

Google Map Service

With RTPro, the customer gets access to Google Map Service and Google's extensive server capacity. RTPro's own servers are optimized so that positioning information can be found in a fraction of a second.

Driver's log fullfills the requirements of the tax authority

When driving during the work, the tracker's job button is pressed. The job and private routes can be updated using the driver's log application. Odometer readings are also printed on the log.

The user's private routes remains private

The positioning data being processed is protected by strong encryption. Private routes are not visible to other users in your business. They will only appear with the user's private login name and password. Other users in the company can report only routes which are saved as job.

Expert and comprehensive customer support

RTPro's customer support guides you to efficient use. Support is given by experts and is comprehensive. Risk-free contract by 3 months period.

Precise automatic positioning

RTPro's Fleet Tracking and driver's log system is quick to learn, easy to use, accurate and automatic.


Kyborg A/S, Copenhagen | Nosteco Oy, Tampere | Vehtec Oy, Stockholm | Tietosuunta Oy, Jyväskylä | MYMRM (MyFleet), Stockholm

Software platform and maps

Google Maps API | Open Street Maps


Trackers: Calamp corp., CA, USA | Global M2M mobile data: Telia, Sweden


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