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RT Driver's Log

RT Fleet

Tracking software
Driver's logs ja travel expense bills
Real time monitoring
Drive and work reports

Working hours, type of work, cost centers, projects available for order available for order

Vehicle tracker

Tracker type RT-Mini200
RT-Minibox (water resistant)
RT-Minibox (water resistant)
RT-Cargo (water resistant, big battery)
RT-Shell (waterproof, battery use 7 years)

Finnish RT tracking software
  • Web based app that works in a computer, tablet or phone without installation
  • Individual user accounts for tracking a vehicle
  • Business accounts for tracking a group of vehicles or the whole fleet
  • Google's road maps and satellite imagery, OpenStreetMap
  • National Land Survey of Finland's large scale topographic maps
  • - available for order
  • Driving routes include accurate street addresses
  • Customized features possible
  • -
  • Automatically save data on servers. Server space meets the requirements set by Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
  • Connection between client and server secured with SSL-encryption.

  • Real time tracking on a map
  • Track the whole fleet simultaneously
  • Tracking additional equipment
  • - available for order
  • Speed
  • Driver identification

  • Monitoring non-electric targets such as containers
  • RT-Bluelink: Track with wireless RT-BlueID -tags
  • - available for order
  • Track with battery powered RT-Shell GPS -trackers
  • - available for order

  • Reporting incoming and outgoing traffic, traffic between areas and traffic inside areas
  • Work drives and personal drives separation and reporting by areas
  • Alerts on vehicle entering or exiting an area
  • available for order available for order
  • Job reports by areas and cost centres, or multiple areas in the same cost centre.
  • available for order available for order
  • Filtering the reports by areas and vehicles
  • Area reports can be printed from areas that are defined afterwards areas

  • Route editing and reporting
  • Put a route on break (break time can be changed)
  • Automatic monitoring of the tracking system and alarm messages if tracking is not active
  • Defining routes as business or private routes afterwards
  • Graph: speed, acceleration, breaking / driving profile
  • Report business routes and chargeable routes
  • Report working hours, billable hours

  • Identification of drivers, jobs and controlling the equipment
  • Driver identification, personal RFID or iButton
  • available for order available for order
  • Identification of additional equipment automatically or manually
  • - available for order
  • Reports by switches / additional equipment
  • - available for order
  • Machine working hours
  • -
  • Track the additional equipment, switches
  • -
  • Foresting and harvesting machines, working hours
  • -
  • Foreign traffic, Europe included in price
  • Foreign traffic, Russia
  • available for order available for order

    Tracking of economic driving
  • Driving profile, speed, breaking and accelerations: daily statistics by driver and vehicle
  • Driving behaviour, register exeptional events using 3g sensor - heavy breaking, acceleration and cornering
  • - available for order

  • Bus preheating remote monitoring, controlling and optimization
  • available for order

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