Route-Tracker GPS trackers and equipment - comparison

RT-Mini200 RT-Minibox RT-Cargo RT-Shell
RT-Minibox gps tracker RT-Minibox gps tracker RT-Cargo gps tracker RT-Shell gps tracker
Size (in millimeters) 76x46x19 mm 80x64x28 mm 54x89x41 mm 55x55x260 mm
Weight (in grams) 85g 136g 340g 907g
  • Passenger cars
  • - -
  • Vans
  • - -
  • Trucks
  • - -
  • Outdoor working machinery
  • - -
  • Track additional equipment, tags
  • - -

  • Harvesters
  • -
  • Containers, fuel tanks
  • - - -
  • Trailers, semi-trailers
  • - -

    Operating temperature -30º to +75º C -30º to +75º C -30º to +75º C -30º to +75º C

    EMC/EMI -standard SAE J1113
    Operation in extreme conditions, standards
    U.S. Military 202G and 810F, SAE J1455
    Maximum operating hours without external power, when tracking once a day - 21 days 6 months 7 years

    Vehicle voltage, connection 5V USB and 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V -

    Quad-band GSM, GPRS and 3G, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
    Cellular and GPS antenna internal internal internal internal
    Water resistant standard - IP64 IP65 IP67

    - water resistant water resistant waterproof

    Digital switches and I/O controls

    Digital I/O - IN / switches - 2 IN 3 IN -
    Digital I/O - OUT / relays - 1 OUT 2 OUT -
    Connection for iButton driver identification - -

    Remote state monitoring and reconfiguration

    Route-Tracker GPS trackers


    Affordable and very reliable tracker for passenger cars and vans.


    Water resistant, affordable and very reliable tracker for passenger cars, vans, trucks and outdoor work machinery.


    Water resistant tracker for containers, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers and fuel tanks etc, where long operating time is needed.


    Applicable to tracking targets with no external power. The device is completely sealed and waterproof. Operating time is 7 years, when locating once a day.

    The trackers meet the standards MIL-SDT-202G and MIL-STD-810F for extreme weather, moisture, temperature and shock/vibration protection.

    Route-Tracker trackers' accessories

    iButtonBox - An accessory for identifying the driver and job type. The device can be fitted with two buttons for the driver to select job type, for example ploughing and sanding.

    Automatic switches - The tracker can be connected with a power cable from the vehicles accessories, so the accessory's usage information is automatically saved.

    RT-BlueLink - Tracking swap containers, equipment and accessories with RT-BlueID -tags

    RT ThermoLink - Temperature measurement with digital sensors

    Analog measuring - Fuel, temperature, pressure,... Ask for details!

    Remote controlling - Ask for details!


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