Route-Tracker - Fleet Tracking and Driver's log - compare

RT Driver's log

RT Fleet-

Tracker, tracking software

Vehicle tracker RT-OBD
Customizable RTPro Fleet Tracking and Driver's log software

Type of the tracking software
  • Software can be used in computers, tablets ja phones without installation
  • User's login to track one vehicle
  • Company login to track a vehicle, vehicle group or all of the company's vehicles
  • Roadmaps and satellite maps and OpenStreetMap
  • Exact street addresses
  • Customized features can be defined
  • -
  • Data is saved automatically to servers
  • User's connection is protected by SSL-encryption

  • Vehicles can be tracked in real time on the map view
  • Track the whole fleet at the same time
  • Tracking the additional equipments
  • - bookable
  • Speed
  • Driver identification

  • RT-LINK - asset tracking
  • Asset tracking by small 4x4 cm wireless RF-tags
  • - bookable

  • Report routes to and from an area and traffic between two areas
  • Working routes and working is separated and can be reported by areas
  • Alarms when coming to an area or leaving an area
  • bookable bookable
  • Reporting Working reports by areas and cost centres, several areas in the same cost centre
  • bookable bookable
  • Filtering the reports by areas and vehicles
  • Area reports can be printet from the areas, which are defined afterwards

  • Editing and reporting the routes
  • Breaking of the routes / breaking time can be changed
  • Automatic monitoring of the tracking system and alarm messages if tracking is not active
  • Defining routes as business or private routes afterwards
  • Graph: Speed, acceleration, breaking / driving profile
  • Reporting business routes and chargeable routes
  • Reporting working time, chargeable working time

  • Identification of drivers and jobs and controlling the equipments
  • Identification of drivers, iButton
  • bookable bookable
  • Identification of the additional equipments automatically or manually
  • - bookable
  • Reports by switches / additional equipments
  • - bookable
  • Machine working times
  • -
  • Tracking the additional equipments, switches
  • -
  • Forest / harvest machines, working times
  • -
  • Foreign traffic, Europe and Russia
  • bookable bookable
  • Tracking separate fuel tanks and fuel levels
  • - bookable
    Tracking economic driving
  • Driving profile, speed, breaking and accelerations: Daily statistics by driver and vehicle
  • Driving behaviour, registering the exeptional events using 3g sensor - heavy breaking, acceleration and cornering - bookable

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    ”Reduces costs”

    ”Collects exact data for invoicing.”

    ”Excellent service, easy to use technical system”