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Economical tracker designed for easy and reliable installation to the OBD -connector of the cars and vans.


Economical, fully-sealed vehicle tracking unit designed for easy and reliable installation in cars, trucks and outdoor working machines.


Economical, fully-sealed vehicle tracking unit designed for trailer tracking. 6 months tracking time without outer power source with single message cycle per day on fully charged battery pack.


Fully sealed without wires. Battery operated, non-rechargeable. 7 years tracking time. Designed for reliable, multi-year deployments. RT-Shell is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods without maintenance needs.

RT-Minibox, RT-Cargo and RT-Shell fulfills the U.S. Mil Standards 202G and 810F, SAE J1455

Additional equipments

iButtonBox - Driver identification key reader and job identification buttons. The box has two pushbuttons to identify job, for example ploughing and sanding.

Automatic switches - Electric wires from the vehicles equipments can be connected to the tracker to identify equipment's activity automatically.

RT-LINK - Asset tracking by active RF-tags.RT-Link esittelysivulle

RT ThermoLink - Temperature measurements by 1-3 digital sensors, which fullfills the EU-standard for international food transportations between EU-countries.

RT-SafetyFuel - Separate 2000 litres fuel tank with automatic tracking of fuel levels. RT SafetyFuel page

Analog measurements - Fuel level, temperature, pressure,... Ask for more information!

Remote control - Ask for more information!

rt-minibox gps tracker rt-cargo gps tracker rt-shell gps tracker
Dimensions, mm 80x64x23 mm 54x89x41 mm 55x55x260 mm
Weight, g 85g 250g 907g
Usage targets

Private cars x

Delivery and service cars x

Trucks x x
Outdoor working machines x x

Harvesters x x
Containers, fuel tanks x x x
Trailers, semi-trailers x x

Operating temperature -30º to +75º C -30º to +75º C -30º to +75º C

Shock, vibration, humidity,...
U.S. Military Standards 202G and 810F
x x x
Max operation time without outer power with single message per day. 21 days 6 months 7 years

Voltage of vehicles 12V ja 24V 12V ja 24V -
Accelerometer for motion sense x x x

GPRS ja 3G, 850/900/1800/1900 MHz x x x
Cellular and GPS antenna Built-in Built-in Built-in
Water resistant standard IP64 IP66 IP67

water resistant sealed enclosure sealed enclosure

Digital switches and I/O controls

Digital I/O - IN / switches 2 IN 3 IN -
Digitaaliset I/O - OUT / relays 1 OUT 2 OUT -
iButton / 1-Wire -reader x - -

Over-the-Air Serviceability x x x

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What the users say?

”A well-functioning vehicle positioning system”

”Reduces costs”

”Collects exact data for invoicing.”

”Excellent service, easy to use technical system”