RT Ecodriving

Driving profile

Driving profile

The graph shows the speed values ​​in km/h, as well as braking and acceleration m/s2.

Driving profile shows the driving speed and braking strength and acceleration by time of day. Driving profile can be fetched by vehicles and drivers one day at a time. Driving profile is calculated from position data values. It requires no additional hardware and no additional installations for the tracking unit.

The driving profile is included in the normal delivery of the RT Fleet Tracking program.

Driving behaviour

Monitoring and statistics of abnormal driving events
RT Ecodriving - driving monitoring

The graph shows the time and place, as well as different driving events' acceleration values ​​graphically. One event consists of the acceleration values ​​over 8.5 seconds in increments of 0.25 seconds.

To register abnormal driving events, a tracking unit with 3G acceleration sensor and automatic calibration feature, is required.

The acceleration sensor collects data about abnormal driving events, in which the vehicle's acceleration, braking or cornering has exceeded the given limit values.

The acceleration sensor calibrates its position during a short 5-10 minute drive. The system then collects and stores information automatically with the location data to the server's database.

The user can print reports in which driving behaviour is displayed graphically by vehicles and drivers.

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