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Äänekosken Kiinteistönhoito Oy
Äänekosken Kiinteistönhoito: "Excellent service, easy to use technical system"

mlt 20.5.2015

Äänekosken Kiinteistönhoito offers real estate maintenance and service, as well as public area and yard lawn maintenance, plowing, etc. services. Almost 40 years of operation the company's business includes the hosting and management services, cleaning services, as well as electrical work.

The company has enabled about forty RTPro's vehicle tracking devices in cars, construction machines and in the personal cars. The devices are automotive and machine-specific, which means that when the driver changes, the hardware is kept in place.

Vehicle tracking devices are used to monitor the work: to ensure that the vehicles are in the right locations, and if not, they will quickly be moved to the right area. We can also check for billing, that the work has been done in certain areas. The equipment also monitors the driver's working hours.

Hannu Kivimäki from Äänekosken Kiinteistönhoito says that the vehicle tracking system is an important system for safety reasons. "No technical problems has been noticed and the system has worked very well". According to the foreman "the system has been necessary and if something in the tracking system have had to be adjusted, we have got service quickly."

Kuljetusliike Reijo Kankaanpää Oy
Kuljetusliike Reijo Kankaanpää, road transport services, Sastamala: "Pays for itself fast because of cost savings and improves the customer service"

mlt 13.5.2015

Kuljetusliike Reijo Kankaanpää offers transport services in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The company has 10 transport units, semitrailers and trailers and two delivery vans in Finland. The company has five RTPron vehicle tracking devices, which are vehicle-specific.

Company's representative Ari Helisevä states that "the system is good, because the costs must be reduced." The real time monitoring cuts unnecessary routes eg. in a situation where a customer calls during transport, that he should send a forgotten warehouse shipment. When driving can be tracked in real time on a computer, the driver can quickly be connected, and he may agree to apply the consignment along the way. "Customer service is improved, because the driving route can be changed according to the situation," says Ari Helisevä.

The system features, according to him, can take advantage in many ways. Drivers' hours of work can be saved by printable reports, because drivers do not have to fill reports by hand afterwards. Or if vehicle arrives late to a ferry, a new place in the next ferry can be ordered by a phone call and the customer will receive the consignment at the agreed time.

"RTPro's fleet tracking system pays itself fast because of cost savings, defects have not been, and the service has been very good," says Ari Helisevä.

Kittilän kunta, Tekninen osasto
Kittilä municipality, Technical Department: "Fleet tracking system technically well-functioning and corresponds to the intended use"

mlt 13.05.2015

Kittilä municipality take care of both the Kittilä and the Finland's biggest ski resort Levi's ​​streets, public roads, pedestrian and cycling lanes and courtyard areas maintenance all year round by plowing, sanding and cleaning the streets after sanding in winters. Contractor's cars are using 14 RTPro's vehicle tracking devices.

System tracks in real-time working hours by area: the area where maintenance of roads and yards has been done, what has been done and how long the work has been done. Ploughing logbook entries are so accurate that works are done in the right time, and we can very quickly send new the vehicles for example if ice is going slippery or snow falls unexpectedly.

"We have been very satisfied to the system, it has been good for the purpose, and has been working very well" says Jari Kinnunen, the road maintenance foreman of Kittilä. He continues that "we have always got support, if necessary, and there has been no problems".

Martti Lamminmäki Oy
Martti Lamminmäki, Lifting services Alavus: "The price is comparable and the features are convincing"

mlt 27.8.2013

Martti Lamminmäki offers lifting services, installation of construction modules and special lifts and rental machines in Alavus. The company's fleet consists of eight lifting truck cranes with a lifting capacity of 20-80 tons, as well as telehandler and one electric boom lift without driver. Working range is the whole of Finland.

The company has used 10 RT -tracking units in cranes and vehicles. The biggest benefit is the fact that machinery movements can be monitored in real time on a computer. If, during the working day, the working place is changed and the crane is going to a wrong place, the driver can be contacted and guided to the new place or to the right working area.

Martti Lamminmäki notes that the company has been satisfied with the system. The price was comparable and the features were convincing. He recommends the tracking system for other entrepreneurs.

Net Weld Oy
Net Weld Oy - Optical fiber works, information networks, Karijoki: "Domestic, Finnish software won the comparison"

mlt 19.8.2013

Net Weld Oy is a fiber optic work and data networks company. The company was founded in Karijoki in 2005. The company installs fiber optic networks throughout Finland.

The company has five Route-Tracker vehicle tracking devices and driver's log books. Vehicle tracking devices are personal. That means that, when the driver moves to another vehicle, the device will be moved to the new vehicle. The company tested other kinds of outdoor positioning systems, and the decision to purchase solved Route-Tracker software of domestic origin. In problem situations, the company gets advice by phone or e-mail.

The greatest benefit of Vehicle tracking devices, says the company's CEO Mikko Mäki-Kanto, is the fact that it acts as billing support. If you forget to record hours worked, you can draw a circle on the map to find out how long the employee has worked in different places. Mikko Mäki-Kanto has recommended and recommends Route-Tracker fleet tracking system for all companies.

City Security Partner Oy
City Security Partner - Security Services, Helsinki "A well-functioning vehicle positioning system verifies the billing"

mlt 19.8.2013

City Security Partner offers a wide range of security services for restaurants in the Helsinki area. The company's services include security guard activities, a restaurant safety and training.

Field Manager Tommi Kallio from City Security Partner recommends the well-functioning system for all companies in the same industry.

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