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RTPro Oy is a fast growing Finnish family business. The Route-Tracker positioning system is used in over 3000 vehicles in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.


Route-Tracker provides auto-positioning, logging, guidance, and support for the entire vehicle fleet.


Positioning interval is sometimes too long and the car's movement on the map can be seen as jumps. In the Route Tracker system, the positioning interval is 5 seconds and the information on the map is in real-time and accurate.

Google Maps

In the Route-Tracker system, the customer gets access to Google Maps and server capacity. Positioning data is stored on RTPro's servers. Servers and programs have been dimensioned and optimized so that the location information for cars can be found in a fraction of a second.

Privacy is secured

In the personal logbook, users only have an ID for a car that he or she drives and each user sees and reports their own driving.

Expert and comprehensive customer support

The Route-Tracker Customer Support guides you through efficient use.

Precise automatic positioning

Route-Tracker positioning is quick to learn, easy to use, accurate and automatic.

Cooperation partners

Kyborg A / S, Copenhagen
Nosteco Oy, Tampere
Vehtec Oy, Stockholm
Tietosuunta Oy, Jyväskylä
MYMRM (MyFleet), Stockholm

Software platform and maps

Google Maps API
Open Street Maps

Equipment suppliers

Locators: Calamp corp., CA, USA

Mobile network, data traffic, SIM cards

Global M2M mobile data: Telia


Support and billing: rtpro [ at ]

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