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Personal driver's logbook, special offer 9,90€/month.
For personal and business users.
Privacy is secured. Users only have an ID for the car that they drive and each user sees and reports their own driving.
Connect the RT-Mini200 tracker's cable to the USB Adapter or the cigarette lighter adapter, then the positioning starts automatically and you can print the logbook.
Free shipping by mail. Invoicing by e-mail. No billing fees, no shipping or initial fees.

Driver's logbook Software runs on a browser without installation on computers and mobile devices. In the picture, a driver's log report on a laptop and tablet.
The RT-Mini200 is supplied with an USB -cigarette lighter adapter with two USB connectors.
The USB cable has a work button that lets you mark your work routes.


Automatic Fleet Tracking and Driving Log. All vehicles of the company on the map view in real-time. User IDs for location data of all cars, vehicle groups and / or individual vehicles 19.90 € / month / vehicle.
Connect the RT-Mini200 locator's cable to the car 12 or 24V, then the positioning will start automatically and you can track the cars in the map view and print the driving logs and work reports.
Fleet tracking includes, free of charge, a software to save separate data of the working times on a mobile device and a job type button. The type of job is recorded with the location data and shows with the accuracy of 5 seconds when a work inside an area or road, such as sanding or plowing, is in progress and at what time the job is done.

Fleet tracking is a necessary tool for controlling and tracking moving work. The delivery includes automated tracking and reporting of all vehicle and work types.
Suitable for all industries for vehicle and machine tracking: transportation, earthmoving, construction work, maintenance work, property maintenance, cleaning service, distribution.

Free shipping by mail. Invoicing by e-mail. No billing fees, no shipping or initial fees.

The program runs on a browser without installation on computers and mobile devices. Picture shows the entire vehicle fleet on an up-to-date map view on a portable computer and on the phone. Route report on a tablet.
The RT-Mini200 GPS tracker is mounted under the car dashboard. The RT-Mini200 has full guarantee throughout the contract period.
You can choose the job type. Types of jobs are saved with the location data. You can report the length of work, starting and ending times and locations.


Mobile software to track working time. Working hours and workloads in cars, machinery and in offices and factories.

Working time terminal, calendar screen with month-, week- and day views, working time reports

Cost centers, projects, tasks

Can be used in phones, tablets and computers

Unlimited free access for 1-3 users. Additional users 5,00€/month
The time tracking software is delivered free of charge to cars with normal priced fleet tracking.

Users appreciate good service

Excellent service, problem-free system
Pays itself quickly in savings
Well-functioning positioning verifies billing

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